Wild Green Grass

Lately I have been taking many pictures and I found this particular one very interesting not only because it is an aquatic plant, but mainly because it is underrated and yet, still partakes of the aquatic ecosystem.

Water Wheat

“Manchmal sind Wörter schwer zu finden: das heißt, ob man die Authentizität der Nachricht bewahren kann. Das Wichtigste ist, eine Botschaft zu übermitteln, die Liebe und Glauben vermittelt.”

May Love Prevail, Effie

Traduction: “Sometimes words are hard to find, it is to pounder wether we can keep the authenticity of the message. The most important is to convey a message of love and of faith.”

Thanks to google translate and to GermanPod101 whom has been an excellent German teacher.

May Love Prevail,


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