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The difficult topic:

How reliable can our legislations be towards its population and where is the line between an era versus an isolated number?

In 2020, more than 48% of married couple will end up in a divorce dispute. About 29% of those divorces are caused by domestic violence. According to the Divorce Act there are 3 reasons for divorcing: adultery, domestic violence and living apart.

8 (1) A court of competent jurisdiction may, on application by either or both spouses, grant a divorce to the spouse or spouses on the ground that there has been a breakdown of their marriage.

(2) Breakdown of a marriage is established only if

(a) the spouses have lived separate and apart for at least one year immediately preceding the determination of the divorce proceeding and were living separate and apart at the commencement of the proceeding; or

(b)  the spouse against whom the divorce proceeding is brought has, since celebration of the marriage,

(i)  committed adultery, or

(ii)  treated the other spouse with physical or mental cruelty of such a kind as to render intolerable the continued cohabitation of the spouses.”

My question for you today is would it be in the interest of the general public to repeal the age of sexual consent and to amend the Criminal Code by reinforcing the not so far away law of not engaging in immoral sexual conduct between citizens? Perhaps, having a valid sexual activity consent only after a duly celebrated and lawful wedding. Why would married couples suffer to be tempted by wrongdoers, and by the same whom will never be reprimanded by our so called justice system? What kind of message does those ambiguities leaves to our unmarried citizens? How many innocents young victims have seen their family teared apart for the temporary sake of an outsider? On the other hands, is 16 years old a reasonable age to consent in such activity considering that it take 18 years old of age to lawfully get married without the parents consents? Our margistrates surely have reviewed the subject over the history, we can see a significant change from the day the first woman condemned to death by lapidation because of her adultery was forgiven and set free, to the the day women were allowed to own their property title and preserved it, to the day women obptained the right to vote. However, one thing has not really evolved. It appears that the doctrines of Balaam have corrupted the core of our legislations and I may say, it is never to late to implement our laws towards a more peaceful tomorrow. The regulation of sexual activities is more than protecting the woman rights; its a matter that affect the well-being of an entire nation. It is not an open secret, some individuals have used the weaknesses of mankind has a disparity countermeasure and its impact on the poppulation is questionable.

In an economic and politic perspective, divorces are not profitable in the long-term projection. Just alike a pandemic, some movements are more devastating than others, however it is the legislative Authority of our Parliament to oversee the matter. In respect of section 91(26) in the Constitutional Act.

May Love Prevail,


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