Biosphere on Mars

Photo by Miriam Espacio on

For many years now, NASA has been working very hard on a special project which is to plant an ecosystem on Mars. We can only imagine what a life on Mars would look like! How great would it be to inogurate a space colonization, alias Terraforming?

The scientists may say what they want to say, but we all know: it will happens in its own due time. Perhaps this Terraforming will necessite a closed ecological system, more precisely an interior biosphere. The concept is similar than a vivarum but requires a more complex list of materials and specifications. I refute the idea that we do not have the required technologies to “decipher this Enigma”. I know Nasa will overcome this challenge just as they overcame the previous ones, if it is not already done.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Many countries are suffering from overpoppulation and I truly believe this Terraforming could be an effective solution. Although, the causes of the world population explosion appears to be ambigous between acceleration and deceleration, socio-economic and political factors, one thing is obvious: the impacts are inevitable.

My only hope for Mars future inhabitants is to not reproduce the same earthly mistakes again.

May love prevail,


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