Ne quis nos relinquere tergo

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Plan of action for a sustainable development

The department of economic and social affairs of the United Nations has propose an incentive report on a new philosophie by building on the Millenium Development Goals.

Their Pledge: No one will be left behind, in latin it is written has “Ne quis nos relinquere tergo”.

Their goals is to create, by 2030, a worldwide prosperous environment by ending financial, psychological and physical afflictions. They also aspire to ensure a longterm environmental protection. Given all this by taking into account every detrimental effects emanating by each levels of national development and capacities. The proposed implementations are without any doupts one of the most promisings declaration ever made by mankind.

I am afraid that one of the main concerns araising from the report made to the Parliament, which announce Canada’s state of preparedness to implement the United Nation sustainable development goals will be a lack of funding. In their propositions less then 60 millions of dollars within 13 years is attributed to this project of worldwide wingspan and it is quite alarming considering that a supercomputer build for the sole purpose of collecting and managing such datas would cost approxamatively the same and requires to be paid upfront rather than over 13 years. However, pre-existing departmental resources are already available for programming the supporting implementations. In addition the Government of Canada has publish a second budget of 49.4 million of dollars to establish a Sustainable Development Goals Unit and to fund monitoring and reporting activities by Statistics Canada.

For many years, we have been deceived for countless reasons, nevertheless, this project is giving hope for the future of humanity.

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A special moment of recognition for our Majesty who has enacted the Federal Sustainable Development Act in 2008 and to our parliment, government and institutions whom are trying to countermeasure disparities with all the wisedom of the United Nation.

May love prevail,


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