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Dear reader,

I am a Canadian Citizen and a graduated paralegal student who hopes all direct or indirect forms of chaos will end permanently. I do not offer any legal services, and I am not a lawyer. I recognize the supremacy of God and the importance of living in a well-legislated nation. I hope my message will be delivered to the right person and carry all the intended purposes. One of my favourite hobby is photography and I will post them from time to time under the tab “Picture“.

May love prevail,

Warm wishes,


About the web-page

This web-page doesn’t represent the opinion of any affiliated institutions, nor associations, corporations, or any magistrates. It is designed to gather doctrines and legislation’s available for the public, users are welcome to leave suggestions, or requests in respect of the local laws. There is also many upcoming articles and an upcoming blog.

I like the sunset in Samos. I feel priviledge to share this picture with other user.

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