Ne quis nos relinquere tergo

Plan of action for a sustainable development The department of economic and social affairs of the United Nations has propose an incentive report on a new philosophie by building on the Millenium Development Goals. Their Pledge: No one will be left behind, in latin it is written has “Ne quis nos relinquere tergo”. Their goalsContinue reading “Ne quis nos relinquere tergo”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

So many wonderful things to say from the kindhearted missionaries who dedicated their lives to this church. This webpage doesn’t contain enough pixels to write everything that comes in my mind. However one thing specifically marked me and it is the reign of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon. Therefore I am dedicating thisContinue reading “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”

Canadian Permanent and Exclusive Union

Traditional weeding rings exchanges. The difficult topic: How reliable can our legislations be towards its population and where is the line between an era versus an isolated number? In 2020, more than 48% of married couple will end up in a divorce dispute. About 29% of those divorces are caused by domestic violence. According toContinue reading “Canadian Permanent and Exclusive Union”

Wild Green Grass

Lately I have been taking many pictures and I found this particular one very interesting not only because it is an aquatic plant, but mainly because it is underrated and yet, still partakes of the aquatic ecosystem. “Manchmal sind Wörter schwer zu finden: das heißt, ob man die Authentizität der Nachricht bewahren kann. Das WichtigsteContinue reading “Wild Green Grass”


The Canadian Parlementary System The Constitution of Canada Introduction:  This page is intended to promote Canadian Customes by showing the associated legislations and doctrines, in respect of the Canadian Constitution. Each section contains links to the sources available for all by a right clic on your computer or by a double clic on your mobileContinue reading “Articles”


Readers are strongly encourage to participate actively within this webpage. May Love Prevail is intended to offer an impartial and independant setting for anyone whom is wishing to express themselves in a none-jugmental environment and of course, in the context where redactors may make love prevail. We are curently reviewing the audiences accessibilities measures andContinue reading “Policies”